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Man Found Dead In Well

Man Found Dead In Well

Cerebral Edema has been confirmed by last Friday’s post-mortem, as the cause of death of David Stafford of Belvue south. This is as a result of brain swelling due to increased volume of the extravascular compartment from the intake of water.

Stafford, 65, who was better known as “Old timer or Welcome” was discovered face-down at the bottom of a well known as “ Whiteman Well “at about 5:30 last week Tuesday. 

Popular bus taxi and tour driver Lincoln Bedeau was one of the best friends of Stafford and every evening they would meet at the well to water their animals.  Bedeau said that on the Monday when they arrived in the afternoon he noticed a strange and unusual occurrence in that only donkeys showed up for water and no cattle. This was the first time he had experience this in all of the years of them watering the animals at that location.  In a heavy tone of deep sadness he said that he then told his friend that they would have to return the next day to get water for the cattle.

At about 4:15 the following day he said he received a call from a friend of Stafford who indicated that he (Stafford) had called the previous evening and said he was coming to sleep over.  However the friend said he had not seen Stafford and several calls to his mobile phone went unanswered. This they both felt was uncharacteristic of him, since Stafford is known to have been reliable in answering his mobile phone.  Bedeau also called and got no response.

Bedeau said that he was at the time on his final trip with workers and he went to Stafford’s home but there were no answer. He then decided to make his way through the bushes thinking that Stafford may have had a fall. As he got close to the well he saw the buckets they normally use to dip up the water.  Immediately he said he felt tears bathing his face.  As he got to the well he held the bucket and felt it heavy. As he looked inside the well there was Stafford, lying motionless.

According to a report, Stafford, a former member of the People’s Revolutionary Army, was known to be have suffered from epileptic fits.

The well, which is situated in a remote part of the island close to the sea front, reportedly had its top caved in several years ago.  This left it with an open crater of about ten (10) feet in diameter. 

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