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Crompton Calls For Enforcement of Fire Laws

Crompton Calls For Enforcement of Fire Laws

A prominent businessman on the northeastern side of the island is calling on the relevant authorities to send a strong zero tolerance message to those in the habit of setting fires, which can pose a danger to neighbouring properties.

Rufus “Malik” Crompton says he almost lost a battle recently to save the interior items in his house from being discolored by smoke, plants from burning and had to wash his walls, all due to a nearby fire.

Crompton, who lives in the Windward Friendship Lane community, pointed out that it was the second time the owners of the adjacent property have engaged in the practice with simply no regards or consideration for who it affected.  He said that on the first occasion the police and other relevant parties were involved and the owners were warned and asked to desist from the practice. 

Only two weeks ago he said the practice was repeated and this time it was worse.  Crompton, who has one of the more upscale properties on the island, said that those who set the abandoned building ablaze don’t reside in the vicinity where the smoke and flames were being felt. 

This he added was a very inconsiderate and unconscionable display by those who conducted the act.  Crompton further noted that he was forced to purchase liquids to wash down his walls from the filthy look, which the smoke created.  

Measures, he lamented, must be put in place to effectively deal with matters of this nature so that those who disregard the law should be held accountable.  The smoke he disclosed had everyone quickly vacating his home, as it was unbearable due to its stifling effect. 

What he said made it even more challenging was the fact that the burning of the old building, which was done with tires, was to the eastern side of his house and therefore the wind carried the flames and smoke into his property which is about a mere 15 meters away.

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