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PETERS PIECE: Some Good, Some Bad

  • Written by  Richard Peters

I have a special admiration for persons who are skilled with their hands. Unfortunately I was never able to learn any handy skill but I look upon those who did with admiration and a little bit of envy.

As a little boy I remember looking at the roadside mechanics that broken down motorists would bring on site to solve the problem of their ailing automobile and regard them as absolutely wizards. You take a furtive peek into the engine area and you see this tangled and confusing maze of wires, screws, bolts and unrecognizable thingamabob and you wonder how he could possibly know what he is doing.

But it turns out he knows exactly what he is doing, removes the right pieces of the puzzle, fixes it and gets the thing running again; in most cases that is. Of course there are times when the fixer man is not as knowledgeable as he would like people to think and makes a whole mess of the people’s vehicle leaving it worse off than it was before he was called.

This happens in religion too it seems; and politics. A certain pastor may be asked to lead a congregation and he is of course expected to lead the people in living lives that would ensure a closer relationship with God. He instead plays a number on the unsuspecting people; extorting more and more offerings from them, using it for his own development and not that of the church and in some cases that I know of, soliciting sex from every young, nubile sister he could entrap.

In politics it is even more insidious because more people are affected. A leader of a party asks the people to give him or her, an opportunity to fix the country since the existing leader is, in his or her words, doing a lousy job. The claims and promises sound so juicy that the people say okay, take over.

That leader wins an election and immediately begins to bulls..t the bejeezus out of the people with bramble, ole talk, mamagism, lies, stall tactics, more promises, taxes, this, that, the other. Seriously, it happens.

But there I go again; straying miles away from the topic I claimed I was writing about which is, loving and admiring skilled handiwork. But really, while the skilled carpenter, costume maker, tailor or potter produces something beautiful; something that will bring joy to the heart, there are some people just as skilled at producing masterpieces of nonsense and negativity.

How many of you in your school days, while you admired the student that came first or second in exams all the time, had a different kind of admiration for the guy that regularly came last?

I mean let’s face it, it takes a special kind of negligence, laziness and “don’t give a damn” to hold on to the last place, exam after exam and still go about life blissfully, with not a care in the world.

Some people make such a mess of everything they touch that you cannot help regarding them with awe and something close to admiration. I mean, how can they mess up so bad… and everything?

This too, sadly spans several sectors, occupations and persons. it seems that several times when people are messing up they are not even aware that they are.

I sure you will not hear anyone accept the blame for messing up carnival 2015. Rather you will hear what a good and successful activity it was, even while John and Jane Public bitch about everything that upset them to the core.

I have heard that this carnival could have been the best in recent times but no explanation of how that comparison is made. These claims are not accompanied but the factors used in judging the quality of this carnival against others.

Is it the number of people at the activities, the quality of the competitions, the planning and execution, the blackness of the jab, jab, the fluidity of the wining, the skill of the judges, what?  

But let me not mess this up without being aware that I am messing it up. But perhaps I already have.

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