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Beware Cats In Mice Clothing

A man often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.

A certain cat knows there is a colony of mice living somewhere in the bushes where he lived and he has spent a long time plotting how to take over that colony and establish himself as the lord and master.

He didn’t necessarily want to eat the mice themselves but opportunist that he was; he had noticed that the mice were never really hungry. They did not have an exorbitant supply of food but they somehow knew how to provide themselves with enough sustenance to remain healthy and do all the little mousy things that mice do.

The cat, kind of small for an adult cat and black in colour, fancied himself a very smart feline and had come to the conclusion that if he could beguile the mice into trusting and believing in him, before long he would be controlling all of the food they found, giving them just enough to keep them alive and keeping the bulk for himself.

The cat; called Kitty, settled down and began to plot and connive. He put together and intricate and complicated plan of action that he was convinced would within short time, put him at the head of the mice colony and he would be able to do with them what he wanted, usurp all of their resources without making them suspicious of what he was doing.

Kitty reasoned that the most effective way to do this was to endear himself to the mice, especially the head mice. This he successfully did because he had taken time to understand the philosophy of mice and in addition he was glib of tongue and knew exactly what words to use and when, what expression to out on his face and what tone of voice to use.

After endearing himself to the mice leader, Kitty then set about getting into the heads of some influential and sometimes greedy and covetous mice, charming them with promises of power influence and monetary gains. Pandering mostly to their greed and selfishness the conniving cat got his followers to depose their leader and put him in charge of the colony.

With his charm, charisma and understanding of what made mice tick, Kitty rapidly became the ultimate and feared leader of the mice. Of course not all of the mice supported him as their leader but he focused on keeping a moderate majority; the more gullible ones, in a constant state of bemusement and pseudo happiness to keep him in charge.

Many of the mice that supported and shored up Kitty over time have forgotten or even never knew why they supported him in the first place. Over time they have witnessed the greed, hypocrisy and lying nature of Kitty.

They have seen no improvement in the lot of the mice colony despite the fact that the wily Kitty bends their ears constantly telling them how much things have improved and how better off they are because of him.

However Kitty remains in charge because he has surrounded himself with a cadre of mice that are just as greedy as he is, just as selfish, deceitful and has no real interest in the majority of lowly mice, except to use them to keep the clique in charge.

Meanwhile the large number of mice that never supported Kitty’s takeover continues to fight to enlighten the others and plead with then to halt their blind march that will lead to certain destruction of the colony. This group of mice had seen through Kitty’s disguise from the beginning and he has responded by inventing some quite ingenious ways to make them look like the villains. He seeks to convince the larger colony that this group is to blame for every bit of suffering they are forced to endure.

All the ills that he has orchestrated and brought down around the ears of the people, he convinces his followers and even some inclined to the contrary side that this group were the ones responsible for all the ills.

Kitty never takes responsibility for any bad that he has done but blames the group of mice that doesn’t support his leadership.

But mice are beginning to wise up. They are beginning to see through the lies, subterfuge, deceit and tricks. There is the sense in the colony that things are beginning to change and that Kitty’s days are numbered. Kitty too, it seems, is feeling the chill of being found out for who he really is.

The message going out to the pro-kitty mice is to be careful what they support and what they ask for because Kitty is loyal to no mice. The same ones he was smiling with yesterday, he will brutally bite off their heads today.

Kitty is also being encouraged to understand that it is impossible to run from one’s destiny because you may encounter it where you least expected. 

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