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A Grand Anse Valley mother, is mourning the loss of her second child to die under tragic circumstances in two years.

Mary Modeste spent the weekend wondering about the whereabouts of her son Travis Modeste only to be called to identify his body at a funeral home on Tuesday morning.

In a telephone conversation with the Grenada Informer hours after the discovery, Ms. Modeste said her son last slept at her house on the previous Tuesday, and all was well with him, until he left for his grandmother’s home sometime after 5 p.m. on the Wednesday.

She said Travis told her that he wasn’t feeling too well and was going by his grandmother who resides at Grand Mal St. George’s. She said she gave him some money to get some items for her on his way there. She consequently called his grandmother, her mother, to confirm that he had arrived safely, since he had reported he was not feeling well and her mother confirmed that he had reached safely.

Ms. Modeste said on Friday a friend called her to say that that Travis was getting sick. She said the following day which was Saturday he left his grandmother’s home and she received a phone call on Sunday saying that he was observed in a church in the Beaton area in St. David’s but while members of the church were praying for him he walked out.

After Travis walked out of the church he came in contact with persons of Red Gate in St. David’s where he was given things to eat, then one of the resident of Red Gate informed the St. David’s police station about Travis so that they could help in locating his mother.

Later that evening, his mother said, she received a call from the St. David’s Police Station notifying her that he was in the police station and they were going to drop him off at his grandmother’s home in Grand Mal. She said while at his grandmother he again disappeared and this time left his slippers and t-shirt behind. 

Ms. Modeste said at that point she began to search for her son, she said she reached as far as La Tante in St. David’s but no sign of Travis. She said after searching for her son she received another telephone call from one of Travis’ friends informing her that he was in the Grenville area. She immediately went to the Grenville Police Station to make a report about her missing son but was advised to get a photo of him and drop it into the Community Relations Department (CRD) in St. George’s.

The grieving mother said later the evening, she got a call informing her that Travis was seen by Deco Industries in Tempe, St. George’s then in River Road and afterwards got a call from his uncle saying he was in Grand Mal. 

Ms. Modeste told the Grenada Informer a reliable source told her while he was in Grand Mal he was chased by a group of boys and later somehow ended up in the Grenville again. However, she received another telephone call on Tuesday morning at about some minutes past nine stating that her son was found dead on a beach in Grenville behind the St. David’s bus stand. She was informed that the body was at La Qua Brothers Funeral Home. 

The dejected mother explained that Travis is the second child she lost in two years; she lost one of her daughter in a vehicular accident two years ago on the Maurice Bishop Highway in Grand Anse.

She describes her son Travis as loving, obedient, pleasant, friendly, respectful and helpful. 

Travis was a past student of the Happy Hill Secondary School.


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