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One year in prison for stealing from Kalico Supermarket

Wendell Thomas, a prison convict of Pearls St. Andrew’s with numerous previous convictions was sentenced to one year in prison, for breaking open and stealing a quantity of items from Kalico Supermarket in the town of Grenville.

The items stolen which were mainly food stuff were valued at over four hundred dollars.

 The accused appeared before presiding Magistrate Teddy St. Louis at the Grenville Magistrate court last Monday and pleaded guilty to stealing from the supermarket store room.

The police was able to apprehend Thomas hours after the incident as a result of the suvellience camera set up at the facility, although he tried to trick the camera using a black t-shirt to cover his face during the robbery.

Before sentence was passed on the accused he pleaded with the Magistrate to have mercy on him, begging for another chance, even to pay compensation. His pleas went unheard and instead he was informed by Magistrate St. Louis that the owner of the supermarket Mr. Kenny Lalsingh, was tired of suffering at the hands of bandits and wanted thieves to stop distressing him.

Thomas is said to have made four trips to the supermarket, the night of the robbery, to remove his ill-gotten loot. 


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