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Donate IT, Mod One’s way of giving back to the community

Donate IT,  Mod One’s way of giving back to the community

A well establish biblical quote says” Where there is no vision the people perish”. Although this quote is often overused and sometimes misused, one I T Company in Grenada seems to have gotten it right, devising their own community project by simply collecting and repairing, abandoned IT equipment to be donated back into the community. 

 Chief Executive Officer of Mod One and the brain behind the project, Christian Chu Fook, was interviewed by the media at the company’s head office in Launce Aux Expines last Wednesday. He said the project was conceived having noticed the large amount of IT equipment that is abandoned by business companies annually, who could have chosen to upgrade or simply chose not to repair old pieces of equipment.

Mod One being a managed IT service provider, specalised in Managed IT and Cyber services Chu Fook said, they are familiar with many in the business community of Grenada, their computing needs and cycles and would therefore seek to engage these businesses; asking them to donate their discarded equipment to a charity or community of their choice. These pieces of equipment would then be repaired and donated as requested by the donor or to a community organization for community use.

 Chu Fook said the project itself would have a two fold impact in that apart from the community impact, the equipment would be repaired by IT students from the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) and NEWLO as part of their internship projects. This opportunity he said would allow students who are nearing graduation, the opportunity to gain practical experience before getting into the world of work.

 The equipment to be donated Chu Fook said, should not be beyond seven years old and donors can be assured that the cost of repair would be borne by Mod One.  As it relates to security of hardware content, Chu Fook said companies making donations are required to ensure their equipment are clean before they are donated.  He went further to say that although there is no guarantee that information would not be leaked he assured donors that once the equipment enters the company their contents would be professionally wiped.

 Mod One views the project as one way of giving back to the community and allow businesses to get involved with a local cause at no expense to them except in the case where the equipment have to be transported to the drop off points at Deco Gas Station in Tempe or the  Westerhall outlet.  The company would collect anything that is not working from monitors to screens and desk tops and Mod One would do the rest.

 Once the project gets on stream Mod One said, charitable organizations would be invited to make requests and these requests would be determined on a case-by-case basis. The successful application would be determined to a large extent by the impact that organization has on the community it serves.

Mod One is not too concerned about the cost to get this project up and running, since Chu Fook said their main focus is helping the community by affording people who cannot purchase new equipment the opportunity to learn IT skills.   

 Mod One hopes to start the project with three interns, however this number can quickly change depending on the number of donations received, and the duration of their stay would depend to a large extent on their schools or how quickly they master the equipment. 

 The training could also allow the interns to find job placement in Mod One or similar outfits. Additionally it was said that because Mod One is a professional outfit only suitable students would be chosen as interns.  Successful interns would be provided with a certificate that can be used as reference at the end of their stay at the company.

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