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Princess Alice X Ray Unit Commissioned

  • Written by  The Grenada Informer
Princess Alice X Ray Unit Commissioned

Patients at the Princess Alice Hospital in St. Andrew’s no longer have to travel to St. George’s to have X-rays done. 

Years in the making, the X-Ray Unit at Princess Alice Hospital was officially commissioned, providing ease of access for residents.

Mainly through the efforts of the Reynold & Nadia Benjamin Foundation the hospital in Mirabeau St. Andrew now has its newly commissioned X-ray unit. The institution has been without a X- ray unit for over thirty years and now with the building completed and the unit installed, the next step is for Grenadians to enjoy the benefits.

Years ago, following several meetings the foundation took on its own initiative and initiated a plan of action to ensure the hospital was equipped with the unit, thus alleviating the troubles of residents having to travel to St.George to access the service.

Praising Mrs. Nadia Benjamin for having a kind heart and the will to get it done Radiologist Dr. Linwald Fleary said that the provision of X- ray and ultra sound services at Princes Alice Hospital would strengthen the delivery of health care for the people of St. Andrew’s and surrounding parishes and at the same time it would reduce the high level of stress to patients having to journey to St. George’s just for basic X- ray and ultra sounds.

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health- Aaron François underlined the contribution of the health sector to sustainable development indicating that that sector has made arguably the largest contribution in that regard

He said quoted from Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe saying “it is health that is real gold not pieces of gold and silver”

Proud of the accomplishment and the driving force behind the foundation Mrs. Nadia Benjamin believes while she and others have done their part, the young people now have to take up the mantle in ensuring the longevity of the unit noting that the future and benefits belong to them.

Minister of Heath Hon. Nikolas Steele reminded the gathering that the project was a partnership effort that should be mirrored in a quest to achieve more for national development.

He said that lessons could be learned for the partnership in moving forward and keeping first and foremost the people of Grenada in mind.

He pointed out that the team, through able leadership has worked long and hard on the journey and has kept focus on the prize and today a milestone is met. 

One of the major sponsors of the project was Grenlec. Chief Engineer Clive Houston noted that healthcare is seen as the key priority of Grenlec’s Community Partnership Initiative and made mentioned to a numbers of projects in which Grenlec has collaborated with the Ministry of Health in the past and looks forward to further projects in the future.

He further expressed Grenlec’s thanks for being given the opportunity to assist with a need that would positively affect health care and the community.

 The Ministry of Health and the St. George’s University (SGU) also made the project possible.

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