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Dad Jailed for Sexual Assault on Daughter Featured

  • Written by  The Grenada Informer
Dad Jailed for Sexual Assault on Daughter

A forty-three year old man from the village of Mt Rush in St George’s has been sentenced to nineteen years behind prison bars, one week after jurors at the Number Two Supreme Court found him guilty on three counts of sexual assault on his daughter.

The now convicted man Earnest Campbell who last resided in the United States had the heavy hammer of the law brought down on him, when Chief Judge Paula Gilford had him escorted to the Richmond Hill prison after a sentencing hearing on Monday.

Campbell was arrested and subsequently charged in 2013 on two counts of Indecent Assault and one count of Incest following reports made to police at the time by the mother of his thirteen-year-old daughter.

According to information circulating at the time Campbell was accused of touching his daughter’s breast, showing her how to satisfy her sexual urges by playing with her vagina and engaging in sexual acts with her.

Subsequent to his arrest it was said, Campbell admitted most of the allegations made against him, but denied having sexual intercourse with his daughter.

Members of the media, based on conventional practice were not allowed to sit in on the trial, however that opportunity was afforded at the sentencing hearing on Monday when defense Counsel George Prime in a plea of mitigation attempted to sway the court into imposing a non- custodial sentence on his client.

  During his thirty to forty-minute presentation, Prime had two character witnesses called to the witness stand, to testify on Campbell’s behalf among them a former employer, and the wife of the accused man. Both individuals described Campbell as trustworthy, hard working and dependable. In fact his wife told the court that her husband was not capable of doing such a thing given the love he has for his daughter. She also hinted to the court that she is of the view that the accusation of sexual intercourse was a plan by the mother of the young lady to get additional monies from her husband.

 Prime in his discourse told the court given the importance of Campbell to his family, having him sent to prison would seriously affect the functionality of the family including putting them at risk of losing a great deal including the family’s recently bought house in the United States.

 However prior to handing down her sentence Judge Gilford reminded the court that when all is said and done the young lady is the victim in the matter, and the one who is made to live with the psychological scars of the incident for the rest of her life. The sentence she noted must serve as a   deterrent to potential abusers, and reflect the seriousness the court attaches to such offenses.

 The judge also said that the court holds the view that this was planned and executed by someone placed in a position of trust.

 Campbell was therefore sentenced to two years and eleven months on count one, six years and eleven months on count two both indecent assault and 10 years and 11 months on the count of incest.

 According to the Judge counts 2 and 3 are to run concurrently while count 1 and 3 are to run consecutively.  Campbell will therefore spend just over thirteen years behind bars.

  In addition to his prison sentence Campbell was ordered to receive counseling, while in prison.    

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