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Grenada Praised For Its SUSTAINABILITY

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Grenada Praised For Its  SUSTAINABILITY

Grenada may be one of the most sustainable countries in the world. This is the analysis of Coordinator of the Global Health Response and Resilience Alliance Dr. Michael Mc Donald, as he concluded a workshop involving several groups around the country that looked at improving health and human security on the island.

Dr. Mc Donald said there are model communities here that are highly sustainable. “If for example the global economy collapsed those communities are clearly going to survive. They’ve got food, they’ve got clean water, and they’re managing their waste.

The discussions look at “how those communities could be models for others firstly in Grenada then for the other islands in the region and to perhaps inspire other nations around the world to move in that direction”.

According to Dr. Mc Donald, there was an identification of leaders in resilience and sustainability from around the island, they were brought together to look at the problems and the solutions that would bring sustainability and improve health and human security in Grenada.

“Some of the participants have been creating social programmes, other educational programmes, building model organic farms, building sustainable communities and all of the individuals came together so all could see the innovations going on and look at what the next steps are to move forward”.

The group looked at issues such as moving toward renewable energy; ways to make sure that the water quality is appropriate for multi-generational resilience and sustainability, protecting the oceans and reefs.

In addition to that, Dr Mc Donald pointed out, the exercise looked at what he referred to as “serious game exercises”. “People from around Grenada would come together and all the parishes including Carriacou and Petite Martinique would participate in an exercise to consider what the challenges are over the next five years; what are the problems that arise out of that exercise and how they want to set up solutions that would resolve those problems”.

He said they would then move from the five-year game, with the new solutions in place to test them over 10 years, 20 years and 30 years so that now Grenada is looking forward on how to solve its problems”.

The Global Health Response and Resilience Alliance has been setting up resilience systems all around the world- over 100 systems set up.

Dr Mc Donald said when the Ebola epidemic broke out in Africa they were working on Ebola; when cholera epidemic broke out in Haiti they were the ones who identified what it was and connected with the United Nations and other players on how to respond to the epidemic.

He pointed out that it’s different with Grenada because rather than being a disaster zone is one of the most sustainable places on earth. 

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