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Sen. Bernadine Calls For Special Victims Unit Featured

  • Written by  The Grenada Informer
Sen. Bernadine Calls For Special Victims Unit

National Democratic Congress caretaker for St. George South-East Sen.Franka Bernadine says she is disturbed by the recent atrocity of the rape of a twelve-year-old girl by three older men.

This incident she says sparked concern in the NDC prompting a resounded call to the present administration for a Special Victims Unit to deal with these special offences. 

The senator described the incident in question as part of an absolutely unacceptable phenomenon and demanded that measures be put in place to monitor and deal with them by a team of persons including administrators with rape kits and doctors on hand to deal with such issues.

“We cannot sit and accept this issue and pass it off as just an unfortunate and regrettable incident but the time has come for plenty action in that regard”, she says.

Senator Bernadine made reference to an article in the international press on the issue of crime and with respect to rape, Grenada is featured as the tenth country in the world per capita.  

“We must, therefore, make ourselves aware of the impact of rape on the mind of any person or of any child of such tender age; of the heavy implications that lead to some deep psychological scars that will prevent the child from functioning properly, being forever frightened, traumatised among other negative effects. 

She adds that some 5-6 years ago Grenada was not in the Caribbean’s highest average rates per capita with the two Caribbean countries in the top-ten list being the Bahamas and Jamaica. Five years later Grenada is included and is tenth in the world, a signal of decay in the social fabric of the society.

“Our children are being attacked and raped yet nothing is being done other than to get up and condemned it. It has gone far beyond that stage”, she comments.

The issue she said needs to be addressed by equipping the police force with the necessary supports to conduct thorough investigations.

 Our women and children must feel safe, secure and protected in their society. 

“We have a major social issue that is un-addressed that requires immediate action as we can no longer sit condemning the action as an unfortunate incident as was uttered by members of the cabinet”. 

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