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Mohammed Razavi - Live In Peace And Let Live In Peace Is The Message of Islam

  • Written by  The Grenada Informer
Mohammed Razavi - Live In Peace And  Let Live In Peace Is The Message of Islam

There is nothing in the teaching of Islam that advocates or encourages the killing of innocent people or supports any kind of killing.

London-based Muslim minister of religion Mohammed Razavi, on a visit to the office of the Grenada Informer, said, on the contrary, Islam is about spreading the message of peace around the world.

Razavi who is head of an educational institution based in London called SI Education Society has travelled extensively, from New Zealand to Antarctica, visiting many countries to speak and spread the message of peace around the world.

The Muslim cleric said, looking at what is going on around the world, people have misconceptions about the religion of Islam and he tries to clarify many of the points of misunderstanding.

He related that at this time as much as any other time, the world needs a message of peace based on all the atrocities taking place in several parts of the world involving ISIS, Taliban and other organizations that do injustice to the principles of Islam

He added, based on the image these organizations are presenting of Islam, it motivates him to help ensure that the right side of Islam is presented to the world.

Razavi said the majority of Muslims, as many as 95% do not support ISIS. He believes “there is a hidden hand behind all of these activities to undermine the growth of a peaceful religion and to present it as a terrorist religion.” He said when an unpleasant event takes place; people should not be quick to blame race or religion.

He questioned why when a white supremacist in America, for example, carries out some atrocious act; people do not describe him as a Christian terrorist but they are quick to jump to conclusions and say a Muslim terrorist.

While admitting that there are some extremists in Islam just as there are in other religions like Christianity and Judaism.

Razavi declared that people of different races and religions should be united, especially people who follow the book of God; Christians, Muslims, Judaists and Zoroastrians. He said these groups form the majority of the world’s population, they should be united and not let divisive world leaders run their lives and put them against each other.

The minister of religion said, “If someone looks at the principles of Islam they would find nothing encouraging terrorist activities or extremism.”

He gave the story of a young lady who was arrested by Taliban and sentenced to be executed. However, with the intervention of the United Nations and other Muslim countries, she was released. 

Interestingly after being released she did not hate Islam but became Muslim because in the books that she was given while in prison did not find any kind of the message that Taliban was presenting. She is now a practising Muslim and spreading the message of Islam.

According to Razavi, in spite of all the negative profiling of Islam, it is still the fastest growing religion in the world. In fact, he said, last year the Pope admitted that the Roman Catholic is no longer the fastest growing religious group in the world; Islam has finally taken over.

He said in England the majority of those who are becoming Muslim are university-educated women, according to a research done by Times Newspaper in the UK. “If Islam is anti-women as it is presented why are so many female university graduates in the UK embracing the religion, he asked.

Razavi has visited Grenada twice before but on both occasions spent only one-day visiting friends. This time he has spent several days. He has visited the Caribbean, in general, more than 20 times.

He has spent time with the Shia Muslim community while in Grenada, interacted with leaders of the religion and spend time with friends.

“We believe in living in peace and to let live in peace.”

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