September Criminal Assizes begin - 62 sex related cases listed for trial

The 2017 September Criminal Assizes began at the Number 2 High Court in St George’s on Tuesday with a record number of cases listed for trial, and topping that list once again are sex-related offences, accounting for sixty-two of the one hundred and fifty-seven cases listed. 

 Among the sixty-two sex-related matters, rape accounts for twenty-four followed by sexual intercourse with a minor accounting for nine. 


St. Andrews Anglican Primary vows to take action

Despite the confusion during the first week of the school term, with students being sent home for two days of that week due to internal problems at the St. Andrew Anglican Primary School, the students seem to be settling in, a teacher at the institution confirmed. 

Informer’s Inside St Andrew visited the school last Monday and heard that there had been mention of relocating the students to the Telescope Centre what was once the coffee plant.

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